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Summer 2014

In 2014 I spent a number of months contracting with Amazon on the Universal Shopping Experience team. While there I worked on a range of projects that focused on markets like the fashion industry and the book & textbook industry, as well as the general online retail. I was able to adapt to a new work environment quickly, diving into projects already well under way.

Most of the time I needed to further the effort that a previous designer had started. I would take feedback from stakeholders and team members, then drive the user experience and design solutions to a place that met the goals of the project. Other times I was involved in future-thinking projects, participating in brainstorming and pitching of ideas, research and analysis, then prototyping and testing the ideas we came up with.

An example of the work I did during this time is the book series details page. It's designed to show all the books in a series, allowing the customer to view and purchase them from one page. I was handed this project mid stream and worked closely with the project manager and stakeholders to flesh out the details of every aspect of the layout and user experience. It represents the kind of high-level thinking coupled with constant attention to detail that I try to bring to every project I work on.

Visit an example of Amazon's book series page. (Note: the design has evolved since my time there in 2014).

amazon book series design

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