Screenprint Poster Series

2014 - 2017

As part of becoming an independent freelancer I wanted to set aside time to focus on developing my own voice as an artist and designer. One of the projects I've started in this effort is devising a way to screen print posters at home, using supplied and equipment that i can set-up and tear down and store away when I'm done. I drew upon the screen printing experience from my school days and side projects to come up with a unique process of creating the image, transferring it to the screen, and layering the graphics to maximize the variety of color and effects I can get out of the ink.

This series of posters is inspired by places in the US I have traveled to in recent years, like the Olympic National Forest in Washington, Mount Rainier, the Oregon Coast and the low country in South Carolina.

Mount Rainier with a field of bear grass flowers in the forground
Mount Rainier in Summer
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Old growth pine trees with beams of light shining between the branches
A Light in the Forest
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A scene of surf, beach and clouds with the Pacific Ocean receeding in the horizon
At the Coast
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Twilight Bugs
Field at Dusk
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Lighthouse shining a beam of light through a dark stormy night as a ship find it's way towards safety
Lighthouse in the Storm
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